What is the Stategra Project

STATegra is a FP7 funded project that aims to develop statistical methods and software for the integration of NGS and omics data. Our goal is to provide by the end of the project a set of bioinformatics resources that the genomics community can easily use to integrate and to understand their experiments involving a variety of omics measurements. A documents that summarises STATegra and the on-going efforts can be found in WhitePaper_STATegra_2014_10_03.

The working strategy of the project is based on a coordinated set of efforts to:

  • Generate a STATegra benchmarking dataset where several omics data-types are obtained under a controlled experimental setting and use these data for method development. See the B3 section for further details!!




  • Develop integrative methods using different analysis strategies, thus levaraging the expertise of the different partners in the consortium. Look into the Clustering and PCA methodologies for multi-omics data-sets as an example in the Data Analysis section.


  • Create user-friendly tools where methods are implemented and make them available to the community. Implementations of methods in the CLCbio platform and the generation of a STATegRa Bioconductor package are ong-going efforts.


  • Disseminate the tools and results of STATegra actively to the wider genomics and life sciences community. Take a look to the coming Smodia Conference!!


EU Project


Website: http://stategra.eu/
Email: info@stategra.eu

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