Ioannis Tsamardinos presents his work at the Workshop: “Case Studies of Causal Discovery with Model Search”

October 25-27, 2013 – Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, PA

The  “Case Studies of Causal Discovery with Model Search” Workshop was focused on applications of causal model search to science. Sessions on model search in Genetics, Biology, fMRI, Educational Research, Economics, and other disciplines were also included.


Workshop Topic:
Computer scientists, statisticians, and philosophers have created a precise mathematical framework for representing causal systems called “Graphical Causal Models.” This framework has supported the rigorous description of causal model spaces and the notion of empirical indistinguishability/equivalence within such spaces, which has in turn enabled computer scientists to develop asymptotically reliable model search algorithms for efficiently searching these spaces. The conditions under which these methods are practically useful in applied science is the topic of this workshop. The workshop will bring together scholars from genetics, biology, economics, fMRI-based cognitive neuroscience, climate research, education research, and several other disciplines, all of whom have successfully applied computerized search for causal models toward a scientifically challenging problem. The goals for the workshop are to: (1) to identify strategies for applying causal model search to diverse domain-specific scientific questions; (2) to identify and discuss methodological challenges that arise when applying causal model search to real-world scientific problems; and (3) to take concrete steps toward creating an interdisciplinary community of researchers interested in applied causal model search.

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