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Within STATegra there will be developed methods for Experimental Design and Validation of the results obtained (which may lead to further experiments). Two Work-Packages are devoted to this goal:

WP7. Development of methods for experimental design in integrative omics studies. (coordinator, Johan Westerhuis, University of Amsterdam).

In WP7 methods will be developed to design experiments in heterogeneous omics data-sets. These methods will be able to organize and select the experimental ranges for a given biological system and define an optimized experimental design both in scenarios where prior information is and is not available.

WP8. Development of methods for experimental validation on integrated omics models. (coordinator, Matthias Merkenschlager, Imperial College London).

The purpose of the WP is to develop appripate strategies for the experimental validation of the statistical approaches and the models developed in the project and to do so for the biological system used in STATegra. Methods will be developed and used for evaluating the adequadness of experimental designs, identify relevant molecular check-points of the integrated models and test specific biological hypothesis driven by these models.

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